Using Liquid Chalk Markers on Chalkboards

Chalkboards are produced by a large variety of manufacturers and come in a wide range of materials. As a result, it is important to determine if you chalkboard surface is made from a porous or non-porous surface. If your chalkboard is made from a non-porous material, liquid chalk is extremely easy to erase with just a damp cloth. For porous chalkboard surfaces, the pigment can get absorbed by the surface causing a shadow to be left behind when removed. This is true of all liquid chalk markers on the market.

We highly recommend testing your chalkboard for erasability prior to writing on it. With that said, we have found that most slate and ceramic chalkboards as well as many plastic surface chalkboards are non-porous and work well with liquid chalk. However, we advise that you test first even if you plan to use on slate, ceramic, or plastic.

If your chalkboard is porous but you still want to use chalk markers on it, here is an article on how to seal your chalkboard

You can also try writing on a large variety of other non-porous surfaces and here are some ideas on erasable surfaces.

Some of our customers also love to keep their art and crafts permanent and they have no intention of erasing their work. Here are some suggestions on non-erasable surfaces.

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