Nib - Chisel, Bullet or Replacement

The nib of the liquid chalk markers is double-sided. You can either have the chisel side out or the bullet side out. The bullet tip is used for standard writing while the sharp point of the chisel tip can be used to create fine lines, interesting details, and unique text. Each packet of markers comes with replacement nibs.

It is really easy to change or replace the nib on the markers. You just need to pull it out gently and choose which side you want to use, chisel tip or bullet tip, then put it back in properly. If you replaced it with a new one, make sure to prime the nib first before use. Here's an article on how to prepare your marker before using it.

To keep it mess free while reversing the tip, you can reverse it prior to first using your marker. If the marker has already been primed and is in use, you can use a paper towel to prevent ink from getting on your hands. If the marker is already primed, please be sure and hold the marker with the tip facing up while reversing it. 

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