How to sign up for Rewards

Signing up for our free rewards program is free and easy.  You earn points for signing up, sharing on Facebook, purchases, your birthday, and other bonus events!

To get started, just follow these steps:

1) Go to the homepage at and look to the bottom right corner for "Rewards".  Click it.

2) Signup to join.  This will create your Crafty Croc account and you will receive your Signup Bonus Points!  *Note: your points are credited instantly, but it might take from 3-30 minutes to receive your confirmation email with your points balance.  

3) You can then redeem your points or save them for other bigger discounts and prizes!  To redeem points, either click on the link in the email you got or return to the homepage and click the "Rewards" button again and look for the "Redeem" section.  Easy peasy! 

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